We build custom docks to our customer’s specifications. This is our only business! We are so confident in our work, ask about our respectable warranty. The exceptions are if they would not pass the permitting process or result in a structure that doesn’t meet exemplary standards.


When the inevitable issues, no matter how large or small arise, we invite you in letting us give you our professional no commitment appraisal first. No matter if the dock was built by us or even part-time carpenter dock work. That you do not wish to continue addressing problems that can each year become more costly, let us help you in making an informed decision based upon what we find.

Seasonal Work

If you have a dock which is in the lake year-round, we will maintain it during the fall, winter and spring seasons. In this case, it will be necessary that we install and regularly inspect bubblers which keep the expanding ice from destroying your investment. These types of docks will require year-round service or as we have seen countless times, will eventually succumb to the power of expanding ice.

We also install and remove dock systems and offer property storage during the winter months. We live up to our commitments and have our docks in on time, that you will be enjoying your dock for the summer season.

To our loyal customers, we return the same in responding to emergency situations requiring immediate care.

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